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Dog Training Services

Sit. Stay. Fetch. Good doggie! Develop a better relationship with your dog with our positive training methods and Har-Vest.

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the right dog

We're experts in the fine art of temperament-testing. We can help you find the right dog and teach you to use positive training tools like Har-Vest to make your dog a better pet or service dog.

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Run, Spot, Run

Drop-in-Play sessions give pups of all ages the play time they need , without their Har-Vest and leashes. A free perk only for our private clients.

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Service Dog Training

In addition to training in manners, obedience and socialization, service dogs learn skills tailored toward their owners' needs. Once they don their Har-Vest service dog vest, it's time to work.

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Home of the Har-Vest

Har-Vest. a multi-function vest which combines the benefits of a no-pull harness with a light backpack, is great for pet and working dogs. Invented at A Better Pet!

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Positive Training

We make dogs into better pets using only non-force methods that enhance the human-canine bond. Our positive training tools include the Har-Vest 3-in-1 backpack.

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The Human-Dog Bond

Our new course gives you positive training methods and insights into dog behavior which will help you make your dog a better pet. Add a Har-Vest 3-in-1 vest for dogs. and you're all set.

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