Grow-With-Me Program for Har-Vest®

Our GROW-WITH-ME HAR-VEST® program makes it more affordable to keep your growing dog in Har-Vests®.

Har-Vest adapts to dogs of all sizes.

Har-Vest adapts to dogs of all sizes.

Har-Vest® helps with the training of dogs of all ages, but it’s especially effective in the puppy years. Since it serves as a no-pull harness as well as a calming vest (plus a backpack and working dog vest), there are fewer pieces of equipment for your puppy to get used to. 

But puppies grow, and yours may outgrow her original Har-Vest®– even as it remains a really useful training tool for adolescent and adult dogs, helping them stay calm, focused and better able to listen to directions and learn new behaviors.  

That’s why we started the GROW-WITH-ME HAR-VEST® program: so you can continue to use Har-Vest® throughout your dog’s lifespan without breaking the bank. Here’s how it works:

  • Pay full price for your puppy’s first Har-Vest® 
  • When your dog outgrows it, return the gently used one and
  • Get a larger-size vest for 1/2 price!  
  • Between vest sizes, you can use replacement straps ($7 each) to adjust the Har-Vest® as your puppy grows. 

To participate in our Grow-With-Me program, email .

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