Bully Sticks


Thicker, longer-lasting and great for jamming into toys!
Bullies, aka pizzles, are the #1 seller at A Better Pet LLC for good reason. Digestible, healthy and highly desired by all dogs, from teething puppies and, energetic adolescents to loyal adults and aging seniors — dogs LOVE bully products.
And owners love them too. Bully sticks are chemical & preservative free & fully digestible. This means even if your zealous dog swallows a piece whole, stomach enzymes will digest, not impact. Much safer than rawhide!
Non staining too! 
Note: Bullies are made from the part of a bull that a cow doesn’t have.
Bully Stick Pricing
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Length of Bully Sticks

None, 6", 12"


None, 12, 25, 50, 100